BURMEZENAFTERNOON May 29th, 2011  

in the Best Western Motel de Naaldhof in Oss!!!


The Burmese afternoon is over. It was a real party on a gorgeous location with beautiful cats. We also want to thank the Best Western Motel de Naaldhof for their excellent care and service!

With a total of 24 cats present, Burmese in no less than 11 colours and three familiar breeds, being Bombay, Burmilla and Tiffanie, we as organisation think it was a great succes.

The cats were judged by Mrs. Anne-Marie MariŽn (Belgium) and Mrs. Lous Weimar (The Netherlands), thank You again for participating!

Next to the judges we had two judges to be, to gain more knowlegde of our fantastic breed. We love to have judges to be at our Burmese afternoon, we need judges for our beautiful breed and they will hopefully be the future judges of our cats.


All photo's of the Burmese afternoon with lots of thanks to Rob de Boer and Jonas Calu.

Gentlemen, thank you so much for the magnificent photo's!

For a photo-impression of the afternoon, please see at the bottom of this page.


The results of the Burmese afternoon:

Alchymist's Mahogany Belize (burmese, brown) : Exc.1, BIV, BIS male 6-10 months, BOB Kitten


Cosima of Kintyre Island (burmese, chocolate) : Exc.1, BIV, Judges favorite


Lumio Palombaggia (burmese, blue) : Exc.1, BIV, nom. BIS


Nimble Nymph's Booming Briony (burmese, lilac) : Exc.1, nom. BIS


Nimble Nymph's Dandy Dhipin (burmese, lilac) : Exc.1


Nimble Nymph's Dearest Deeba (burmese, lilac) : Exc.1, BIV, nom. BIS


Nimble Nymph's Dreamy Dulari (burmese, lilac) : Exc.2



Galilahi van Vyomesh (burmese, cinnamon) : Exc.1, BIV, BIS female 6-10 months


Monkstone Silk (burmese, red) : Exc.1, BIV, BIS male, BOB adult, BOA


Tenfold's Bang Bang Boom (burmese, red) : Exc.1


Hapy Tharaka (burmese, cream) : Exc.1, BIV, nom. BIS, Judges favorite


Nimble Nymph's Born to be Bryn (burmese, cream): Exc.2


Nimble Nymph's Best of Brannoc (burmese, cream) : Exc.1, BIS neutered male


Tenfold's Tic Tac Toe (burmese, brown tortie) : Exc.1, BIV, BIS senior female, BOB senior


Solenzara Palombaggia (burmese, brown tortie) : Exc.1


Hey Laila of the Seaside (burmese, choc. tortie) : Exc.1, BIV, Judges favorite


Kleopatra von Folofena (burmese, blue tortie): Exc.1, BIV, nom. BIS


Algojola Palombaggia (burmese, blue tortie) : Exc.1


Windcharm Kittens Fairydust Hymn (burmese, lilac tortie) : Exc.1, BIV, BIS neutered female, BOB neuter


Aimi vom Silvan (burmese, lilac tortie) : Exc.1, BIS adult female


Carina van d'Ekster (bombay, black) : Exc.1


Pacar (bombay, black) : Exc.1, BIV


Aither Golden Moonbeam (burmilla, black shaded silver) : Exc.


Rushbrooke Moon Shadow (tiffanie, black shaded silver ) : Exc.1, BIV, Judges favorite



For a photo-impression of the Burmese afternoon:

Click here!