Photo-impression Burmeseday 2011


The veterinairy controle by vet Marjolijn de Bont.

The prices!

Just waiting for your turn.

The judges look and check everything.

But there is also time for a bit of cuddling, although one party sometimes doesn't want to stop.

The people were also well taken care off, with a lot of thanks for the perfect service!

The family resemblence is sometimes very striking!

Some photo's of the BIS, BOB and BOA judging! A very difficult task for the judges.

For photo's of the prices (there are a lot of them), please click here on Prices.

The afternoon was closed with a very good buffet, together with all "contestens", the judges, the judges-to-be, a few special guests and the organisation of the Burmeseday. For the buffet we would like to make another compliment from us all to the chef of the Best Western Motel de Naaldhof located in Oss!


If you would like to join us with your Burmese, Bombay, Burmilla, Tiffanie, Asian or Tonkinese after seeing the photos, keep an eye on our website. This year there will be another Burmeseday on June 3rd! (Everyone is welcome).

The board of the NBC would like to thank everyone who made the Burmeseday 2011 possible. So we would like to say:

Thanks a lot everyone!